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Dog Vaccinations

Dog Vaccinations at Pardeeville Veterinary Hospital

Dog vaccinations are crucial for maintaining your pet's health. Veterinary care for pets includes administering vaccines at different life stages, from puppyhood to senior years. At Pardeeville Veterinary Hospital, we specialize in pet care, ensuring all dogs receive the appropriate vaccinations at the correct times. Dog vaccinations are categorized into core and non-core vaccines. While core vaccines are essential for all dogs, non-core vaccines, also known as lifestyle vaccines, are recommended based on individual circumstances.

Dog Vaccination

Core Vaccines: Puppy Vaccinations

Puppies and adult dogs require core vaccines, with a particular emphasis on puppy vaccinations to provide them with a healthy start in life and protection against common diseases. The core puppy vaccine, DAP (Distemper, Adenovirus, Parvovirus), is typically administered to puppies aged 6–8 weeks, with follow-up doses given at 10–12 weeks and 14–16 weeks. This vaccine protects against diseases such as:

    • Canine distemper

    • Canine adenovirus (hepatitis)

    • Canine parvovirus

    • Leptospirosis

In addition to safeguarding puppies against diseases, these vaccinations can also lead to significant cost savings by preventing illness. While core vaccines provide long-lasting immunity, regular dog examinations help assess the vaccine's effectiveness and may prompt additional vaccinations if necessary, regardless of the dog's age or vaccination history.

Non-core Dog Vaccinations

Non-core vaccines are recommended based on a dog's lifestyle and potential exposure to specific diseases. Factors such as weight, age, and geographical location may influence the need for non-core vaccinations. Examples of non-core vaccines include the canine Lyme vaccine and the Bordetella vaccine. Recommendations for non-core vaccinations typically begin around 16 weeks of age, with periodic follow-up doses as determined by the veterinarian.

Vaccination Frequency

The frequency of dog vaccinations depends on the specific vaccine and its duration of immunity. Some vaccines require booster shots every 1–3 years, while others may need annual administration. Pet owners should maintain accurate vaccination records, allowing veterinarians to determine the appropriate vaccination schedule based on individual health needs.

Visit Pardeeville Veterinary Hospital for Pet Care

Pets are cherished members of our families, and their well-being is paramount. In addition to proper nutrition, regular vaccinations are essential for your dog's health. Contact us at (608) 429-9930 to schedule an appointment for your dog at Pardeeville Veterinary Hospital. Our comprehensive dog examinations ensure your pet receives the necessary vaccinations tailored to their specific requirements. Trust us to provide exceptional pet care services near you.


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